First of all, I am definitely not a chef, not even a gourmet cook ~ just a cook in my home.   

I was born in Columbus, Ohio, near my parents’ farm in Pickerington.  Eleven years later, on to Louisville, KY.  Later, more moves to Germany, Missouri, then settling in the Midwest; with home in a northwest Chicago suburb.

I'm married to my "perfect" husband, Bill, mother of 2 great sons:  Bill, Jr. (aka Bubba here) and Matt, and grandmother of an adorable grandson. 

My addiction is food:  cooking, eating, or reading about it, and my passions are music, the Chicago Cubs and DA Bears. 

I have a weakness for cookbooks and read them like many women read a romance novel, always looking for new creations and interesting facts.  Cookbooks tell a story just like a novel, with appetizers putting you in the mood, entrees for the action, leading you to desserts for the resolution. 

The primary way to show that you love and care for people is by creating a warm nurturing environment and cooking for them, which is one of the most basic ways of giving.  By serving the meals, you are nurturing and reaping the reward of seeing them satisfied; what could be more meaningful?

Speaking of food and cooking ~~~ I really look forward to eating every day, and these foods are among my favorites:  a sizzling rare steak off the grill, a wedge of iceberg lettuce covered with chunky blue cheese dressing, scalloped oysters, navy bean soup with cornbread, fresh green beans, crisp bacon with eggs-over-easy and hash browns; topping it all off with a slice of coconut cake, and cherry pie.  Not many calories, not much fat there…

On the other hand, you’ll never find cilantro, cumin, curry, nor calamari here!

In other words, I like most food, and as Bubba says, I'm always thinking ahead to the next meal!

Thanks for stopping by ~ I hope you like the recipes I’m sharing with you.

Now, let’s get cooking!

Happy Cooking!



When you feel like eating boiled eggs,

if you have some truffles in the house,

put them in a basket

with the eggs

and the next day you will have the

best boiled eggs you have ever tasted in your gastronomic life.

--- M.Des Ombiaux

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